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I’m the expert partner and the trusted advisor when it comes to all matters related to the integration process for expats into Switzerland.

I went through the same process when my parents immigrated to Switzerland from Spain, and I experienced first hand all the challenges related to settling and living in a new Country, and - specifically - in a very special place like Switzerland.

That’s why supporting expats with all the legal and financial matters in Switzerland has become not just a job, but a real mission to me.

Over the past 12 years I have been advising and helping expats and newcomers to Switzerland at GGG Migration in Basel as a legal and tax counsellor, and I now master a few critical services in order for newcomers to get a good start and a wealthy stay in Switzerland.

So I put all my experience and passion into B-Companion, a one-stop shop place for the main expats’ struggles.

1. Tailored third pillar solutions: our top notch service!
How to build your pension solution will determine how financially carefree you can live after your retirement. That’s where we guide you to live a wealthy present whilst building a headache-free future.

2. Insurance coverage: Finding the most appropriate insurances is a jungle:
countless offers, prices, companies. Competence and honesty is what we bring to you in order to really pick the right solution for your real needs.

3. Tax return and tax advice:
needless to say that paying taxes is always a painful process. We make it easy, understandable and fair, always looking at how you can pay less in the next tax period.

4. Smart & Sustainable financial strategy:
most expats come to Switzerland to work and save up more wealth. We’re the financial advisors who understand the social security system: with an intelligent financial strategy, you’ll permanently increase your wealth while paying less taxes.

5. Integration and inmigration support:

as legal advisors we not only have extensive exprience in this field, but we’re the ones always thinking ahead, considering not just your present challenges, but also the ones you will cross in your future journey as an expat.

We speak 7 languages, and especially the one of expats - understanding and solving their integration related struggles as if you were part of our family.

Moving to and living in a new country can be stressful, and so it is looking for help for different legal and financial needs.
Instead of going to different experts - come to B-Companion: you will get everything from one trustworthy hand.




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